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Delivering Immunity To
Your Community

What We Do

No Waiting Rooms + No Paper Forms = No Hassle Immunity!
We deliver patient care.

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Who We Serve

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High Risk Individuals

While avoiding exposure to the general public, you and your loved ones are able to relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy contact-free scheduling, screening, and payment.

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Busy Families

Crowded waiting rooms, long lines, and multiple trips to the clinic are a thing of the past. Your entire family can be vaccinated in one, quick appointment when and where it is most convenient for you.

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Needle Shy &

Needle Phobics

Injections can cause a lot of stress. Rest assured, our highly-skilled immunizers are prepared to deploy all the necessary tricks and treats aimed at reducing anxiety and minimizing pain.

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Our "Buzzy" friends from PainCareLabs ride along to every appointment!

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Our Mission

We are a pharmacist-driven service essential for simplifying preventative care and minimizing the spread of disease.

Our Vision

We envision a network of skilled professionals committed to delivering effective medicine and personalized patient care.

Having time to connect one-on-one with patients and experience their sincere gratitude for my service is deeply rewarding. If you are looking to trade a transactional practice for work that is truly transformational, Vaxi Taxi offers flexible scheduling and professionally meaningful work.


Sandy, Pharmacist

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