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How It Works


The Delivery Process


Schedule ONLINE or call 1-833-Vax-To-Me for all members of your household.


Submit PAYMENT with credit card.


Vaxi Taxi pharmacists are standing by to review your requests, identify missing immunizations, and provide a personalized immunization recommendation.

You will receive a call within 2 business days to finalize the details of your appointment.


The day of your appointment your Vaxi Taxi pharmacist will call 15 minutes prior to their arrival.


Your Vaxi Taxi pharmacist will administer your vaccines in the comfort of your home- stress and germ free!

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Vaccine Information

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  • For patients age 5 years and older

  • Requires two doses no sooner than 21 days apart

  • Booster recommended for ages 18+ after 6 months from final dose of initial series​

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  • For patients age 18 years and older


  • Initial series requires two doses no sooner than 28 days apart

  • Booster recommended after 6 months from final dose of initial series

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  • For patients age 18 years and older


  • Requires ONE dose

  • Booster recommended after 60 days from first dose

Vaccne Info
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Post Injection Resources

v-safe logo

V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that checks in on you after your COVID-19 vaccination. Your participation helps maintain the safety of the vaccine for everyone.

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Call 1-855-VAX-IOWA to report a reaction following the administration of any COVID-19 vaccine. You are also encouraged to report an Adverse Event using the VAERS online form for patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • “What immunizations do you offer?” offers a preservative-free, quadrivalent, seasonal flu vaccine for patients age 6 months to 64 years. Patients 65 years and older will receive a high dose vaccine, as recommended by the CDC. plans to expand the menu of available immunizations to all CDC approved products in the spring of 2021. If your needs are more urgent, please contact us.
  • “What locations do you service?”
    We offer services within a 75 mile radius of Des Moines, IA. That being said, we understand the need for home delivery of health services now more than ever. We will work with you. Please contact us.
  • “I know you will come to my home, how about my work?”
    Absolutely! We can meet you during your lunch break, and we would love to work with your employer to offer an onsite clinic to all employees. We offer discount pricing for group appointments.
  • “How much do you charge?”
    Fluarix Quadrivalent, preservative free (ages 6months -17 years).............................$49.99 Fluzone High Dose, quadrivalent, preservative free(ages 65+)................................$89.99 Other CDC approved vaccines.................................Subject to availability. Please contact us.
  • “Will you bill my insurance?”
    Yes! Vaxi Taxi can will bill to all major insurance plans.
  • “Now I can skip the doctor’s office!”
    That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We strongly encourage every patient to visit their primary providers for routine, preventative care. will work in collaboration with your provider to do what is most comfortable for you at this time. Our primary goal is to provide a new, alternative avenue for increasing and maintaining high vaccination rates in the community, and that is a mission we are confident our local providers support.
  • “I am unsure what vaccine(s) I need or if I even want them.”
    This is where it pays to have the undivided attention of a licensed pharmacist at your discretion. Please contact us and we will work through your vaccine records to determine if you are up to date on your immunizations. We can answer any questions you may have, and we appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services.
  • “I made my appointment, but I changed my mind. What is your refund policy?”
    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for scheduled appointments. We are happy to reschedule within a reasonable time frame, but our primary goal is to see you protected.
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