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Vaxi Taxi John Deere Farmer Vaccine


COVID-19 closures and vaccine misinformation caused a dangerous decline in routine vaccinations. Vaxi Taxi can assist community immunization efforts by improving and simplifying vaccine access.

1. Prescription NOT Required

  • All FDA-approved vaccines for patients 3 years and older.

  • Patients may schedule directly with Vaxi Taxi.

2. Prescription Required

  • All FDA-approved vaccines for patients age 6 months to 2 years.

  • First dose of HPV series.

  • Prescriptions left on our secure voicemail will be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Toll Free 1-855-829-4692 [ext 0]

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Pharmacists & More

We are in the process of updating our job descriptions. Pharmacists, pharmacy owners, nurses, certified technicians, social media savants, and extraordinary humans are encouraged to subscribe to notifications below.

Last update 09/16/2023

Every patient I meet is grateful that we come to their home.  Many are homebound but some are families with small children that don't want an "embarrassment" at the pharmacy or clinic.  Every home has a story, and it is a privilege to vaccinate my community, hear their stories,  and focus on building patient relationships.  


Kathy, Pharmacist

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