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Vaxi Taxi Partners with Social Media Influencer to Deliver Immunizations and Vaccine Confidence


It’s Vaxi Taxi’s commitment to our communities that fuels our passion to simplify preventative medicine. We come to you. Always. Special circumstances requiring special attention is our jam- even if it includes backup dancing!

In 2021, Vaxi Taxi had the pleasure of teaming up with social media influencer @GrannyCoyBundy documenting her path to immunity. Not only do we appreciate her desire to complete her own immunization series, but we love that she used her platform to share her pro-vaccine message with millions of dedicated followers.

Vaccines save lives. Accessibility Matters. Thank you for using your voice, Granny Coy Bundy!

Check out these fun reels below! The Vaxi Taxi pharmacists are not only passionate immunizers, they earned nearly 500,000 views as back up dancers! Great work, Vaxi-team!


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